Candidate profile

We are inviting applications from the highest calibre of organisational leader, with the full spectrum of contextual knowledge, professional ability and strategic capability. You are likely to have worked in the top two tiers of an organisation of comparable size and complexity to the Society, and your track record of sustained achievement must be exemplary.

The successful candidate will be profoundly motivated by the chance to make a difference; and the resources at our disposal make it entirely possible to do so. So a genuine belief that our goals are achievable – and the confidence to focus more on the greater objective than the lesser obstacle – will be essential.

Choosing to work in the field of animal welfare and cruelty is inevitably sometimes tough, and everyone you’ll meet will at some point have experienced professional and personal challenges. You’ll therefore need demonstrable resilience, steadiness of purpose, and the ability to persevere. This doesn’t imply being stubborn, or refusing to adjust, but rather working through issues in a constructive and reflective way which enables all key stakeholders to feel real ownership of our work, while also delivering our strategic goals effectively.

Candidates may be aware that we have recently experienced higher than expected turnover in our management team, and a small number of internal issues have received public scrutiny. At the time, there was a degree of adverse impact on morale and employee engagement; and while many of the issues raised have now been resolved, candidates will need significant strengths in people strategy, organisational development and transformation.

The structure of the Society is necessarily complex. It’s therefore essential that candidates show they understand the opportunities and constraints inherent in such a structure, and know how to make change happen at the optimum pace.

There will also be a great deal of scrutiny and focus from external stakeholders – government, Charity Commission, and key partners. Your ability to communicate a dynamic vision clearly and credibly will be vital, and we will need to see substantial evidence that you are able to bring this skill from the outset. Intellectually and analytically strong, you will also have a broad repertoire of people-focused communication styles.